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A Great Bathroom Design Can Increase The Value Of A Home 22 Apr 2012
In times of a slow market, a homeowner that is trying to sell his or her house knows they must do everything they can to ... (more)

Different Styles Of Bathroom Design 15 Mar 2012
If you have planned for a new look for your bathroom you will have to make several changes in the bathroom design. You may have ... (more)

Bathroom Design For Form And Function 03 Feb 2012
The bathroom is an often overlooked component to bringing one's house together. When you are redecorating the home or merely looking for a few small ... (more)

Bathroom Design The Professional Way 22 Nov 2011
If you want your bathroom design to look professional, than you have to learn to think and design and plan the way a professional does. ... (more)

A Bathroom Fitter Can Give You The Best Bathroom Design 10 Sep 2011
Changing your Bathroom If you want to change your bathroom design soon, it is advisable that you get the services of bathroom fitters. A professional bathroom ... (more)

Bathroom Problems And Solutions 22 Jul 2011
Every person deals with some problem in their bathroom, maybe it is too small, or maybe the bathtub is not working the way they want ... (more)

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas For Better Homes 04 Jun 2011
The process of deciding which bathroom design is best, there are a number of factors to be considered depending on your preferences and budget allocation. ... (more)

How To Make Your Bathroom Appear Bigger 11 Apr 2011
Do you have a small bathroom? Are you always looking for a way to improve your bathroom design and make it look bigger and more ... (more)

More On Kitchens Edinburgh 16 Mar 2011
Planning for a new look and feel of your kitchen can be a difficult job especially if you are a busy person juggling between your ... (more)

Kitchens Edinburgh 16 Jan 2011
An exciting new kitchen design customized to fit the need of the cook is a dream come true for most homeowners. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ... (more)

Still Considering Laminate Flooring For Your Edinburgh Kitchen? 16 Nov 2010
Kitchens can be a messy place, especially if there are children or pets present in the home. Any place that is designed to prepare food ... (more)

Upgrading Your Bathrooms In Edinburgh 27 Sep 2010
When it comes time to upgrade or remodel your home, whether it is a flat, bungalow, or mansion, consider beginning with the most popular upgrade ... (more)

Is Laminate Flooring The Best Choice For Kitchens 16 Sep 2010
Your kitchen is one of the most important places in your home and will be for years. It will be the heart of your home, ... (more)

Bathroom Design In Edinburgh 16 Aug 2010
Bathroom design in Edinburgh should be fun, not a chore. Fortunately there are lots of great bathroom design tips you can use to create a ... (more)

Discovering Beautiful Bathrooms 10 Aug 2010
Beautiful Bathrooms Bathrooms, because of their functionality, can many times be one of the areas in your home that receives the least bit of attention when ... (more)

Remodelling Bathrooms: What To Look Out For 16 Jul 2010
Remodeling Bathrooms - What to Look Out For If you have grown tired of the way your bathroom looks, perhaps it is time for a change. ... (more)

Schuller Kitchens Edinburgh 30 Apr 2010
Mayfield Interiors are proud to be the only dealer in Edinburgh for "Schuller" German kitchens. Currently Schuller are the third largest kitchen manufacturer in Gemany. Ergonomically ... (more)

Gas Safe Register replaces Corgi 17 May 2009
From 1 April 2009, Gas Safe Register replaces the CORGI gas registration scheme in Great Britain and launches a campaign to make the nation gas ... (more)

Avoiding Rogue Traders 18 Jan 2009
Recent figures from Consumer Direct Scotland (CDS) reveal a 25% increase for building work complaints. To avoid running into difficulties always find a tradesman or ... (more)

Electrical Installation Requirements in Scotland 29 Nov 2008
A new system for regulating electrical installation work in Scotland was introduced in May 2005. Any electrical work carried out under a building warrant applied for ... (more)